This the sh-t I love about Will and Harry Wales - that Hot Harry on a Horse, 3rd in line to the Throne, would actually care about not having to pay for drinks, like somehow this is a consideration in his life. And clearly it is!
As you know, Hot Harry is off in America for helicopter training. It was already expected that at some point, he’d hit up Vegas. That happened this weekend. And where were you? That should have been your priority every single weekend since it was announced he’d be spending time in Arizona! Remember? I warned you about this!

During his Vegas initiation, Harry learned that when you’re playing at a table, the lady with the drinks comes round and pours for free. (Sometimes it takes her a long time to be back for seconds which is why you should always order two up front.) According to PEOPLE Harry dropped $300 but “couldn’t believe you got free drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables”. Does it surprise you that he notices? Never mind royalty, there are some really, really rich local socialites I know who don’t notice anything to do with what you pay for and what you don’t pay for. That’s how you know it’s Wealth, capitalised. When money is unremarkable.

Sounds like Harry took advantage of all those free drinks. He went dancing at Tryst and found a blonde:

“The prince was seen chatting her up on a red couch and he later danced seductively with her, with his hands around her waist and zero daylight visible between their bodies.”

(Dear PEOPLE Editor - how did “zero daylight visible between their bodies” get vetted???)

Indeed, Vegas is where Hot Harry goes when he’s thankful he’s only the Spare:

“The fun-loving prince even jumped on the lap of a member of his security team as his group of nine – four men, three women and two security guards – laughed, and fell to the ground in hysteria. Keeping the humorous tone, Harry even got on his knees as he danced for a brunette girl at his VIP table later in the evening.” (Source)

Please let there be iPhone footage of this. Because he’ll have to explain it to his grandmother. And when that happens, we all win.

And then there’s Hot Harry on a (rented) Hog.

Hot Harry > that loser Jax Teller EVERY DAY.


I think I prefer him on a horse. On a horse he doesn’t have to wear that red bandana around his neck.

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