Normally when Beyonce goes to the Nets game, and she’s sitting courtside, she’s the main attraction. Last night in Brooklyn, because the Cambridges were there, Beyonce was the second spotlight. It’s not a position she’s used to. But she certainly dressed for it. No jeans, skirt below the knee, high collar, prim hair. Come on. She totally dressed for the royals. She was totally thinking about them when she planned her wardrobe. Because they got the call. They were told that they’d be presented to them. Which, you know, for Beyonce, I wonder how that works for her archive.

Beyonce documents her entire life. She’d definitely want to document that moment. She’d definitely want to have a camera on her for preservation. It’s just that…normally she doesn’t need clearance to shoot. SHE is the clearance. Usually. How would she have gone about clearing that with Will and Kate? Do you need clearance for that? It’s a public place. Everyone had their iPhones out anyway. ESPN was shooting it. What’s the harm in having a Beygency camera there, but closer. So, one day, when Beyonce decides we’re ready for it, we can hear what they were talking about.