Mischa Barton I mean. Every few years or so a new class comes along and replaces the previous. Blake Lively is what Mischa Barton once was ...with a few more prospects. And a better body. Jesus this body. It’s CRAZY. The acting ability though? Well, it’s the same. It’s the ambition that will take Blake farther. That girl wants it, and is willing enough for it, and in New York is not distracted by the LA sh-t that tempted the others.

Back in the day though, couldn’t you see Mischa wearing this dress?

Blake wore it last night to the premiere of Twelve in support of her Gossip Girl castmate Chace Crawford. Remember the motto: short, tight, or titty! But oh my god those legs. Even I’m getting hard for those legs.
Blake was joined at the event by her boyfriend. Time for a nap.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com