Dear Gossips,

Two deeps dives from yesterday to recommend if you haven’t already:

Barry Avrich is a Canadian filmmaker who was trying a few years ago to put together an unauthorised documentary about Harvey Weinstein. According to Barry, Harvey Weinstein wasn’t exactly supportive. Barry details the experience in his new book Moguls, Monsters, and Madmen: An Uncensored Life in Show Business, excerpted earlier this week in The Hollywood Reporter.

I was terrified reading the piece. So you can imagine how terrifying it must have been for Barry Avrich – then and now. He describes Harvey like a mob boss, a man who intimidates and colludes, who is so powerful he can control not only actors, producers, and studios, but even the New York Times, and ruins careers without compunction. Click here to get Barry’s account.

Less chilling – Anne Helen Petersen’s excellent feature on Kerry Washington’s privacy management as her career has continued to flourish. Note the point that AHP makes about Kerry’s strategic focus on fashion and styling to advance her own profile (a perspective often conveniently ignored by the #askhermore crusaders) and the comparison between Kerry’s approach to preventing her child from media exposure and, say, Kristen Bell’s. Click here to read the article.

And finally, Justin Timberlake’s new song Can’t Stop The Feeling. Well, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. Really infectious. You’ll be hearing it at every single wedding you go to this season, a song for everyone from the kids to the grandparents. I’ve embedded the video below.

Programming note: I’m heading to LA today on assignment for etalk on a 10am flight which means I’ll be in the air for most of the blogging day. Several posts have been prepared in advance to go up during that time. (Get ready for some gloat from Sarah!) And I’ll get to any breaking news, Smutty Social Media, and Smutty Tingles when I land. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.

Have a great weekend!

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