It was reported yesterday, by People of course, that John Mayer will be gifting Jennifer Aniston, in honour of her 40th birthday TODAY, with a brand new song written especially for the occasion.

The question posed in the original article was Rossum or Romantic?

It all depends on the delivery, right?

And perhaps he should bring Ellen along? See when he tries to be funny on his own, John Mayer is balls. Ellen made the difference. If this were my 40th birthday present, I’d love it.

The way he says “I’d love to” at the beginning –it KILLS me.

John Mayer on Ellen


Fontrum. You remember Fontrum? Click here for a refresher.

You want an example of Fontrum? Thanks to a lovely reader for sending this along. I am happy I avoided the Two Coreys.

Still…it’s kinda become my favourite video, like, EVER. For sheer unbelievable horrid cheese, just when you think you’ve seen it all, something like this comes along to replenish the stock.

Corey Feldman sings

So John serenading Jen. Will it be like this? You know she’s a crier. It will TOTALLY be like this.

Here’s another angle, just in case you needed more.

Corey Feldman’s Valentine’s Day gift

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