How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 10 recap

This show is still crazy. 

That is, there are still nine perspectives and you still have to kind of let them wash over you and add them up in the end because they’re constantly twisting what you think you know.   

It got me thinking about who I trust most in this group of untrustworthy people. I wonder whether it’s supposed to be Wes, because I don’t. That guy is focused only on Rebecca (why?) and Annalise (double why?), and while it means he’s unlikely to ever be in the dark – and I haaaate being in the dark – he’s just not that clear-eyed.

Michaela, Connor, Laurel – these three twist in the wind, just going whichever way things are going during this act of TV. They’re pawns. They have love lives. They are untrustworthy. 

Oddly enough, this moves Bonnie into first position for me, where actual authenticity of understanding what the hell is going on is concerned. Asher is a close second, because while he has absolutely no idea what’s going on, he’s not really clouded by loyalty to anyone, except Bonnie, who wants him to know as little as possible. So in a way, he’s the impartial observer?

Frank, of course, knows nothing, and has no business on this show, still. Secret girlfriend? Assignation with Laurel? I mean, maybe he’s going to hold the key to the whole thing but he’s kind of on his back foot.

This is how the show is going to go now, they’re telling us. Ruthless Annalise has to tell the interns more than she actually wants to to survive; Fig (what is her name on this show?) is going to pick holes in Annalise; and apparently, Sam Keating’s sister Hannah is going to be around to make matters even more difficult.

We like difficult.  

I still think we can turn the brightness up a notch on the screen, and I hope the trauma of the situation doesn’t erase all the interns’ personalities - as they grow more comfortable I’d like to see their snarking and brattiness come back,  just as I’d like to see Rebecca grow a purpose (I suspect she’s going to screw over Wes and I can’t wait). 

Man, Viola Davis is a force, though. In that bathroom scene? When she calmly washed her hands after those two women referred to her as an animal? Where else are you going to see that on TV?