How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 12 recap.

Well. Now we’re moving things along. It’s coming fast and furious, revelations about each of the Mouseketeers, greater insight into Annalise, and, inexplicably, the best case of the week we’ve seen yet.


For weeks I’d been trying to figure out what the point of Bonnie was, and why you’d stay as Annalise’s whipping girl, doing her bidding and letting her denigrate you.  What would compel her to stay in that house where nobody appreciates her? I had come up with a theory, then dismissed it as too ridiculous – but last night’s episode confirmed that I was right all along.

I’m pretty sure Bonnie is Sam’s daughter.  

That’s why she sticks around and looked at him with hope and fear all the time.   That’s why the fact that he kissed her that way left her groveling on the ground and Annalise springing into action. That’s why Bonnie gets a pass for being so consistently incompetent. She’s fighting against terrible genetics.

I knew I was right as soon as Annalise made the incest crack re: Hannah (which is A, an incongruous name for a woman of that age, and B, totally indistinguishable from ‘Anna’ when the two are both introducing themselves). I don’t necessarily think she was carrying on an affair with her brother, but if it manifests as overly involved and concerned, well, that I’m quite sure about. Hannah is also here, of course, to make umpteen different digs about Annalise’s background, which only serves as entrée for that last line. Looks like we’re going to meet ‘mama’. (What amazing actress is going to get to play her?)

So Annalise is doing everything she says she will. She gets her mob client off, skillfully. She keeps her interns safe, calculatedly. She complies with the police, intentionally, so that she can point them in the direction of her lover. I mean, that’s cold. But she protects those interns.

Or most of them. We know the connection she has with Wes (get RID of Rebecca already!) and we saw her connect with Connor and Mikayla. I found it interesting that there was no such come-to-Jesus with Laurel, who goes to Frank for her reassurance. A sign of things to come?

As usual, Asher is the most delightful comic relief going. Also comic relief was this still I came across this week, which I now gather was from when they were outside, awaiting the results of the forensics team. I get that there’s supposed to be tension, but:

This looks like a group case of food poisoning or something. For the love of the posture!

There’s still room for more that I want this show to find. I’d like to see the interns moving, not constantly strewn about a room biting their nails. I’d like to see more of their spaces established, not just ‘Wes lives in a cage” (DOWN WITH REBECCA). I want more, but I like what they’re feeding me now.