How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 7 recap

Look, I am not trying to say things just for the sake of being incendiary. But Serial is doing How To Get Away With Murder basically now, and with so much more clarity and fun and Who Killed Hae, who is someone we actually know and care about, unlike, say, Lila who we don’t know and never have and haven’t even seen. Alive, that is, since we got a bit of swollen-corpse imagery last night.

But I admit the pace is better than it was. We’re closer than ever to actually getting out in front of the murder, which is going to be a right relief. It also makes me wonder who we’re going to kill after this, and after that? Like if the show is supposed to go six seasons, how many inter-group murders are we getting?

Still, I have questions about this wackadoodle television show that is supposed to be a cohesive series:

Um, is it me or does Annalise say things that are not lawyering in the court? At press time our lawyerly friend Lorella had not gotten back to me but “Everyone knows women get blamed for things like this” does not seem to me to be the height of the Barristering profession. Please correct me if I’m wrong.  She does wear a truly magnificent necklace in a mid-episode scene where she’s working at her desk and listening to him, in stark contrast to the way she will be not listening to him by episode’s end. 

Also, I love how now the students can be in court and at Annalise’s and in class, all in the same clothing. I mean nobody’s getting much sleep no matter how these scenarios go down, but we’re not trying to understand that days can’t go on forever?

Oh and while I’m at it clothing-wise, who sends a law student out in a miniskirt and thigh-highs to be effective? To really win someone over in an argument? Particularly when that person is the mother of a soon-to-be-exhumed murder victim?

We do have one problem we really have to get at here. She has semi-Botticelli hair and semi-no-acting skills. I don’t know why, really, she’s the one. I don’t know why she won the role. But the show wants us to be with her and be on her side. To be so worried about her that we get anxious when her liberty is threatened. To get afraid when she calls 911. But I do not feel for this person. Part of it is that she’s always lurking around corners and below stairs and that she’s weirdly around Wes even though they’re not “screwing” (I really miss swear words where talking about sex and violence is concerned). And that she wants to screw with the other law students’ heads (wait for it – she just wants to be included!). In other words, for someone getting so much screentime, I should care more.

So now we know. Rebecca killed Sam, Annaliese’s husband. Because he was going to kill her. We all knew this before, but now we’re sure. The questions still remaining are how the other four got wrapped up in this and how they get out of it. I’m interested – really I am, mostly if they let Asher get involved because I’ve seen enough of Michaela’s PTSD to last me a long time. Also, WE GET that Oliver is going to be important. Dude got more screentime than either Bonnie or Frank this episode and he wasn’t actually on the show.

Which brings us to – I really hope Bonnie or Frank is going to bite it soon. I LOVE Bonnie, but she’s not getting enough to do and neither is he, and one of the things I loved about Scandal is how they unceremoniously excise the people who aren’t working anymore. It’s not their fault, necessarily, especially since they’re written in varying degrees of “buttoned up” but someone – many someone(s) – gotta go.

Finally – Annaliese. Viola Davis. It’s possible this is a long-game thing. That they’re writing her as relatively reserved until such time as Sam dies, and then she unleashes. But when I think about this show, it is so much more about Connor than it’s about Annaliese and that’s so difficult to understand.  Because she’s the star – both the actress and the character. I am looking forward to when that is more literally true.