How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 9 recap

I mean, just in case you felt bad for him. Just in case there was a part of you that thought you could find it in you to be worried about Sam Keating, or think that what the students had done was terrible and unthinkable, they made it pretty clear, right? This is the Worst Man On Earth. He says despicable things to his wife, he definitely (probably) killed a pregnant girl he was banging, he’s happy to frame down-and-out ‘alternative’ girls -- so you don’t have to feel bad for killing him, or standing around while he was killed, and then chopping him up into tiny little pieces. 

And I mean, I didn’t see anything we didn’t know in all that time spent on the killing scenes, except that the blood spatter on Rebecca was kind of amazing, and that Michaela went ahead and signed her prenup, because of course she did.

I would much rather focus on Asher and Bonnie, how much I enjoy their burgeoning relationship, and how Frank STILL does not need to be on this show. Bonnie? Relevant and somehow emotionally linked to the Keatings. Frank? Barely in the same frame as anyone else.

So I don’t want to say I saw the reveal coming per se, but I knew she would manipulate the situation somehow. That the imperious terrible looks she’s been giving would somehow manifest themselves, because not for nothing has she become Annalise Keating, right? The reputation had to catch up with her sometime. Here are the things I want to know now that we’ve seen what we’ve seen:

1. Does Annalise have Michaela’s ring?
2. Does Annalise realize she now has to spend even more time with Rebecca?
3. Can Connor’s boyfriend come to work at the house because I love seeing him but his apartment set is super flat?
4. How soon is Wes going to sleep with Annalise?
5. How soon is Laurel going to find herself on Irrelevant Island with Frank?
6. Do you think Asher would party with me?
7. Asher & Bonnie forever, right guys?

This ending, of course, implies we’re going to see a new side of Annalise, that she’ll be less of a cipher to us going forward. This is super ingenious - reinvent your lead after nine episodes to see if it does in fact feel like a whole new show and give yourself some serious room to grow. I just wonder how much dead wood they’re going to move along with it. I would like to nominate Rebecca.

Seriously, overall? Still not grabbed by this show. Unlike Scandal, I don’t think that it’s saying anything yet, beyond the obvious nod to the title. There’s no greater statement they’re making about what it’s like to be…anyone, chiefly because they’re trying to service about 98 ‘main’ characters. But there’s potential here if they can figure out what the students’/interns’ jobs are, and the rules of the world they live in, so that we know when they’re outside those boundaries or not, and whether we should feel bad when a whole bunch of people we’ve seen killing someone all season actually manages to kill the correct person. 

But now that we’re all in it together, do you care more? Are you excited? Because what we have now is the realization that we could go just about anywhere now.   They could all become practicing assassins together. They could decide they’re going to help clients murder people. They could have a YouTube channel where they confess their sins secretly. From here, we can go just about anywhere.

Also, can I hope we’re done with a flash-forward all season and a race towards it? I’m not optimistic about it but I can hope.