How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 1 recap

Wow. Take a breath and after that, see if you can remember everything that just happened, and otherwise let me get enough words out to get below the jump. Yes?

Okay. Holy sh*t. The last three minutes of that are absolutely incredible. You weren’t expecting it. None of us were.

The return to the dancing, which, as we remember, was meant to be an alibi. The dead aunt. The two siblings with no alibis. Oh, and everything left over from last year ….

What did we know, and when did we know it? Frank is hacking everyone’s computers, which I think we can safely say is the least evil thing that happens in this hour. He did kill Lila though, we know that for sure. Frank has always bothered me, maybe because he has an actual moustache to twirl when he’s being ‘evil’. But it has to be the case that he’s the least of our worries, because…

First of all, I love how this season is starting. Watching Annalise’s first class, I now understand everything I didn’t used to about Adnan’s lawyer’s defense strategy in ‘Serial’. In fact, with Eve Rothlow meant to be the Deirdre Enright, chief exonerator, in this situation, Serial and HTGAWM are giving us a really good education in criminal defense. Oh, and speaking of Eve/Deirdre, it took a really long time and a lot of scenes filled with euphemisms to figure out that they were lovers – that Annaliese left for her therapist…I love that on this show no matter how many pathologies are revealed, there are more underneath.

Which is why I like so much that Connor seems so shallow. He’s a kool-aid drinker. He wants Annalise, Oliver, sex, the path of least resistance, and to believe what he believes. Everyone needs a kool-aid drinker. And the Michaelas and Laurels – I hate to package them together, but so far…they’re both so based in truth that anything else is unthinkable – they are the Occam’s Razor of the show.

But the questions are so much easier than the answers:

Why does Annaliese know that Bonnie is ‘sick enough’ to have killed Rebecca? How could Sam love her even though she was such a monster, but Annaliese never could? Are all Bonnie’s legal works going to get her out of whatever karmic hole she digs?
I do kind of feel that it’s below Liza Weil to have to try to seduce infuriating Asher. In general, I know they’re doing a lot with Bonnie’s coiled rage, but the idea that she wants him rather than have him chase her around is, so far, unwarranted.

What is the deal with Annaliese and Wes? Why does she love him and trust him so much? Why is she probably maybe his mother? How is this not creepier than it is?
Related: My immediate gut assumption about the Sibling Killers is that they are not the murderers but are having a Relationship. Am I right? Obviously, yes.

This of course lends itself to who the hell shot Annalise in the big murder mansion house? Why is Wes running away from the place? When will he find out about Rebecca? And who the hell is Eggs 911?