How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 12 recap

When this show started I thought there were far too many characters to keep track of. I wasn’t wrong. But now, almost two seasons later, they’re defining themselves.  They’re pulling away from the pack, and also mixing back together.  

This episode was a tour de force for Laurel, who really is a rock when she needs to be. She tells us that even this—even digging up the story of a boy whose mother maybe killed herself and whose life path was governed by his law professor – is child’s play relative to what she’s gotten into before. She’s not even looking for sympathy when she says it. There’s a bit of pride. Revulsion at Frank, sure, but a bit of pride. 

I know Annalise fired Laurel but she was wrong. Laurel is worthy. Then again, judging by the way Bonnie is rewarded, maybe not. Maybe Laurel is exactly the kind of person you want out.

But if I were Annalise I’d be more worried about the useless ones. Asher is useless but he’s comic relief even for Annalise, so he stays. Michaela, though…what purpose is she serving? Very little, and I think she knows it, too. Connor, the poor kid can hear himself becoming a scold who’s no fun and so is trying to escort himself off the premises so he can go back to being the sassy one who was always trying to stir sh*t up. I guess with Oliver winning all the popularity contests Connor’s feeling left out…

I kid, but Annalise wasn’t joking about having a bunch of kids now, and it’s not like they do anything for her except provide moral support. I do like that she’s basically lining them up to march towards their dooms, because you don’t negotiate with terrorists, even if they’re about to blow up your life.

After all, isn’t that what she learned when she faced down that repugnant father?

I really think that was the best scene in the episode, actually. She hears that man say really disgusting things to her, and then…she’s on the phone with Sam, laughing. We know a lot about Annalise from that moment, about how she is today. What do you gain from crying? Probably nothing. What do you get from laughing about it? You get the satisfaction of them not ‘getting’ you, AND you get to try to figure out how strong you are. Something tells me she’s been testing herself for years, long before the baby she doesn’t have now goes missing.

Did Wes kill his mother? I don’t know, I don’t feel like they expect us to think he did, because that’s heavy lifting to explain, and they already have to back away from that kiss. But then whose flashback did we see at the end?

Oh also, Phillip wants “One Meeellion Dollars”?  Who is he, Dr. Evil? Like, if all he really needs is six months rent on his $900 apartment I get it, but could he not aim a little higher? I expected something less clichéd from him.