How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 3 recap

Gee, did you know that young lawyers really like to talk and think about sex?

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone likes sex, for the most part, except for weird robots named Wes who we’ll get to. But there’s something about the way this show is written that implies this sex is the best any of them have ever had, that only here where people are morally compromised can people have good sex.

For discussion? I mean, I don’t know if I ever have or ever will see Liza Weil cackling over a bar the way we did last night. Even when Paris Gellar was hammered, it was only a free-flowing anxiety monologue.

I get that sex has ‘everything’ to do with murder, but I felt as though the show was implying these people don’t have any other passions or outlets. Nobody’s motivated by anger, or pride, or shame? Except Annalise, that is, and we haven’t seen any actual blood on her hands just yet. 

The siblings, though, first of all, may I be the first to congratulate myself on calling the Twincest (along with everyone else who watches TV)? We didn’t know before now that the parents were shot in such a brutal, ‘watch-me-kill-you’ manner, did we? My early vote is going to be that the daughter acted alone, hired someone to kill the parents without the suspicious-seeming brother noticing.

But none of that is as interesting as the ongoing Keating 5 plot, right? I was disgusted by Asher – mostly for his elephantine sex euphemisms but also because he continues to be in league with that horrible DA. I get that he probably did something terrible to ‘Tiffany’, and it’s big enough that after talking about how great the sex is for weeks, he’s dropping Bonnie without a trace rather than risk her finding out.  Asher is becoming more interesting, but he wasn’t at the murder site, again.

But Nate is. Seven weeks ago, he was already ‘in’ with Wes, agreeing to help with whatever, so he’s on the side of the Murdering 4, or whatever. But Nate is like Wes to me – a cipher who seems weirdly hypnotized by Annalise. I guess that the circumstances of the early part of this year – Wes figuring that Annalise is lying about Rebecca, and A framing Nate for her husband’s murder – are meant to make us think that these two have motive to kill her,  or whatever. But mostly I wonder if they have something else in common, some sort of emotionally-damaged not-really-there problem, because they seem so similar. Bruised, traumatized, unable to look away. The rest of the ‘Keating 5’, and even Frank and Bonnie to an extent, have personality and agency. Wes is just a blank slate.

I’ve speculated before that Viola Davis may not be on this show indefinitely. How long would it have to be before he could be the successor to Annaliese?

Oh, and as for Levi “Foster Brother of Eggs”, I’m not traumatized by him being with Michaela even if it’s for not entirely kosher reasons. Because yeah, everyone should be able to say they’ve had a fabulous orgasm with a very unsuitable person, shouldn’t they?