How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 8 recap

I mean, that was the messaging this episode, right? Don’t forget that Bonnie is still in the shower, assumedly all day and all night. If we’re 3 days or fewer away from shooting-day, she’s spending at least one of them water-logged and miserable.

But it might be a clear line to draw, like in a horror movie. Laurel and Frank, Caleb and Michaela, Annalise and Nate, Connor and (sob!) Oliver. They’re all wrapped up in each other, so does that mean they’re absolved from guilt?  Or that they care about other human beings enough not to be the instigators of murder?

Let’s look at who we have lined up. On the other, non-carnal side of the fence, there’s:

Asher – you poor sap, you’re so out of your depth in terms of what you think ‘good people’ do.

Catherine Hapstall – Who’s been creepy since we met her, and is now sending weirdly specific portraits around. She’s the creepiest. How is she going to get from in a car with Phillip to lying down in the woods via Frank? Let’s also not forget that her own brother got up out of bed after Michaela’s First Orgasm. 

Philip Jessup – A weirdo indeed. The product of incest, but also just a discomfiting presence overall. Why did Oliver drop the milk? I feel like there’s a story there that we’re not seeing yet.

Bonnie – goes without saying, although her phenomenal calm at the beginning of the episode foretells a new day.

And finally there’s Wes – remember, ‘it’s him’, and also remember he still doesn’t know where Rebecca is (anyone else think Frank was going to swipe some dead-girl DNA to plant Phillip there?)

Oh, and of course there’s Sinclair, whose blood spatter is going to be no less satisfying when we see it again next week. What was she doing there? Where did she get the idea that the murder weapon was still at the house? 

Speaking of Sinclair, they set her up as a perfect Dolores Umbridge of a person, and I don’t think they need to. She’d be up their asses even if she wasn’t a smirky bratty undersexed nightmare, and Annalise has been behind the eight-ball for a long time, and it’s not necessary, really.

Actually, if there’s a flaw in this worlds-better-than-season-1 season, it’s that they’re spending a lot of time in these episodes leading up to the shooting giving everyone else a ‘motive’. I don’t really need the motive. None of them had much motive to kill Stan, or Lila Stangard, or Rebecca, and did fine. I’m not worried about why Annalise is going to be bleeding on the floor, because I’m sure that …

(….are we far enough below the jump, spoiler babies?)

…it’s going to be a situation where Annalise has engineered this herself. I know it’s not as dramatic, and I know it would only be out of absolute need, so it’s not that I don’t think there are going to be crazy-ass twists and turns – but this is going to be the why.

Here’s my even bolder prediction – with all the emphasis on molestation and incest and whether or not the Hapstalls were sleeping together, I think we’re going to find that Catherine was taking revenge on someone, even if she wasn’t the murderer.  Also, can we talk about how all those cobwebs grew over the gun in 10 weeks? Or is that just because they fired all their staff?

Next week! Who is Wes? Who shot Annalise? Do we get to see Eve again, and could we please, because she’s six times more compelling than Nate? Who’s going to have the greatest emotional trauma after the events of what happens at the house? Right now I’m most worried about Michaela, to be honest. I feel like there’s a little Buffy foreshadowing now that she’s had her one moment of perfect happiness…or whatever passes for it on this show. 

Attached: Viola Davis and the cast of How To Get Away With Murder at PaleyLive NY last night.