For my initial report today on the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise split, please click here. NYC paps say Katie Holmes was still wearing her wedding ring on Wednesday. Pictures are attached. You know what’s interesting about that? They’ve always said that Tom and his inner circle check pap photos when he’s away from her, just to make sure. On top of having staff surround her.

There are so many stories being floated right now it’s hard to keep track and sort through it. Some are saying she’s been slowly, secretly planning it for a while with the help of her parents reaching out to old contacts, like her old publicists, to execute the extraction. As I mentioned earlier, she’s now back with the publicity team at BWR.

As for the “big bang moment”, just like it was with Nicole Kidman, there’s a theory that she observed something that shocked her out of her Xenu hypnosis, something behavioural that may have had to do with their daughter. In her case, if this was the case, she was a lot more clever and stealth about handling it than her predecessor, lining up a solid support system before he could step in and cut her off. Like I said, every source has 10 sources right now and all of them are trying to figure it out.

Here’s Connor Cruise boarding a helicopter in Iceland where Cruise has been shooting. Production is not expected to be delayed. Of course not. Whatever he is, he is a professional. And besides, he’s only complete when he’s on set, pretending to be someone else. That looks like Isabella Cruise in the toque but since there are no face shots, I don’t want to say for sure. What do you do if you’re Katie and Connor and Isabella show up to plead their dad’s case? Connor is said to be, um, pretty Scientologically solid. You know these Church people. They’ll try to break in however they can. Katie is in for a fight.