The UK Sun a couple of days ago referenced a story originating from the Sydney Morning Herald about Pierce Brosnan saving Uma Thurman’s life on the set of Percy Jackson recently when a speeding van was hurtling precariously towards her and he jumped behind the wheel and was the big hero... or something.

No doubt, Brosnan is a doll. A total sweetheart. But did that really happen?

My sources tell me exclusively that a lot of people on the set of Percy Jackson (which is filming in Vancouver) are baffled by the report. Especially since, aside from makeup and costume fittings, and some screen tests, Uma actually hasn’t yet shot a single scene for Percy Jackson and in fact hasn’t even been in Vancouver for several weeks!

Pierce has been around and working, for sure. But Uma, Uma doesn’t start til later.


Studio shenanigans or a bad tip?

Here’s Uma last Friday shopping in New York, Pierce in Washington with his wife Keely a few days before, and a few of him in Vancouver in April.

Photos from and Brandon Todd/