Lindsay Lohan is in London. She’s staying at the Dorchester. She’s going for dinner at Cipriani. She dropped a lot of money at Harrod’s...

And she’s broke. She’s broke enough that she’s behind on her taxes and Charlie Sheen has to loan her money and she might get kicked out of her house.

So how is she paying for this trip? 

Or...WHO is paying for this trip?

The easy answer is: reality show? But Lohan is denying that she’s joining the UK Celebrity Big Brother. If it’s not a television production writing her cheque then, well, there’s always a rich benefactor. Click here to see what happens when Lindsay Lohan hangs out with rich benefactors.

That particular benefactor was in New York; she may have exhausted his generosity. Why not head over to the continent then? Start in England for a while, see how many horny, rich men will bankroll her life, before moving on to Europe. An American celebrity can stay famous FOREVER in Europe. See Tara Reid...which...

If you’re Lindsay Lohan, that’s probably the role model at this point, non?

They’ve both totally jacked their careers, their faces, and their bodies. Neither has any desire to work, really. Maybe that’s not a bad goal: f-ck and find as much gross rich Euro cheese as possible as long as they take care of the bills.