I have a very long, drawn-out go-to description for Lana Del Rey’s general vibe and personality and now the Fug Girls have found me a photo that’s taken away the need for it because now, when anyone asks me to explain Lana Del Rey, all I have to say is, “Half of LDR’s songs are basically about wanting to be in part of this picture”. This is not a criticism, it’s an observation. And I don’t think I’m wrong. (Go Fug Yourself) 


How old do you think the goddess, Tina Turner, is? Off the top of your head. Don’t look. Just guess. I would have said 65. So when I saw this number I was so convinced it was a mistake. But it’s not a mistake. Between her and Jane Fonda, they’re really challenging what it means to be a woman in their decade. Obviously we’re all here for it. (Dlisted) 

Edgar Ramirez clearly does not have the inlectio. My inlectio is still happening and as I’ve said before, this is a major source of anxiety for me because up to March 2020, I used to be a prolific reader and the kind of reader who reads several books at the same time. I know people who are book monogamists and can only do one at a time. I’m like Edgar, he’s a book polygamist, or at least I was. Sob! (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE food arguments. Probably one of the most common ones is whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. For the record, MY record, I say yes. I love a Hawaiian pizza. As for other food debates, I agree here with the person who gets pretty aggressive about what qualifies as a grilled cheese. Also, when having cereal, the cereal should go in the bowl first and not the milk or the yoghurt….WHOOOOO is out here putting the milk in the bowl first?! (Pajiba) 

Remember last week when people were WTFing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree because it looked busted? Well it turns out it just needed some extensions! The tree is no longer tragic and limp. It is now voluminous with a full body glow. (The Cut)