Dear Gossips,

The 12 Days of Chinese New Year starts tomorrow. My ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, has been doing her research for weeks. Every day until Chinese New Year, one of the Chinese astrological signs will be profiled for the Year of the Monkey. Just a quick note though to make sure you actually know your sign, because it’s not enough to be like, oh I was born in 1974 so I’m a Tiger. Doesn’t exactly work that way.

The Chinese calendar runs on the moon. Chinese New Year happens the second new moon after the winter solstice, typically somewhere between January and February. So it’s never the same day year after year. Which means that if you celebrate your birthday in January or February, depending on the phase of the moon during the year you were born, you may not be the sign you always thought you were. That’s why you should always be asked your exact birthday when finding out your sign. Click here if you’re not sure.

Tomorrow we’re kicking things off with the Rooster. You know who’s a Rooster? Beyonce.

Oh and about that Oscar controversy? Is it starting to die down? If anything it’s getting louder. Check the cover of the New York Post. The Academy is being mocked.

Yours in gossip,