Music and iPhone cameras
This sh-t unanimous for you, it's damaging for you, I think

This is from a Kanye song off TLOP called No More Parties in LA. And parties in LA are changing. Because his wife is walking around recording everything – that seventh room access he gave her was one of the keys to how she’s shaking up the celebrity ecosystem. In the aftermath to what happened last night, other celebrities are now taking sides. The Shade Room has been on it from the beginning, keeping track of who’s on Team This and who’s on Team That. And who’s trying to be all like, there are other more important things to focus on. Thanks Chloe Grace.

People are now analysing Taylor’s Instagram response note, coming up with theories about when she drafted it and how long she’s been preparing for it. Taylor has enjoyed a level of popularity that never lasts. Eventually the even-up always comes. It’s a fact of feng shui and, well, life. How, then, does she recover?

Because she will recover. As I’ve already mentioned, not even a shark can take down a girl like Taylor Swift. So what’s the strategy? It’ll be a while before she’s ready to release a full album. A one-off song is possible. She’s definitely creatively capable of a response track with a catchy hook and an accompanying video featuring her boyfriend.

Or, you know, just more pictures of her, out like she’s unfazed, holding hands with her boyfriend…with a ring on her finger? That’s a desperate f-cking move though. If that’s what she ends up coming with, I’ll get in line to call it an act of desperation.

My recommendation, if I were PR-advising her, I’d tell her to have a very, very quiet August. To disappear, skip the MMVAs even, until she accompanies Tom Hiddleston for the red carpet premiere of Swoki at the Emmys. At which point she can claim that she’s been in a “love cocoon” for weeks and let the media take care of the rest. If she can. If she can help herself.

Here’s Tom out for a jog today and heading out for takeout the other night.