From Sophie in Malaysia:Fat Lainey is not Asian

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2006 12:00:00 January 9, 2006 12:00:00
Dear Lainey, Why are you way too focused on getting a growing anti-Jen Aniston sentiment? Who the hell is Ted Casablanca any way, the Pope? Why would you want someone to trash the "poor ex Mrs. Pitt?" I mean, there should be a reason, no? And why are you mean to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Ok, Brad cheated but that is an old story and everybody has moved on big time! If you are jealous of Ms. Aniston (probably because you are a good-for-nothing fat bitch who is too jealous of skinny women like Ms. Aniston), my advice will be eat healthy and exercise than sitting on your fat butt and telling us what we already saw on the net. Ted Casablanca"s comments of Ms. Aniston as being "pathetic, cold, un-inviting, none-apple-pie, none-next-door-neighbour... " - - - are well seen but honestly, nobody is following & nobody is playing. And am not even a fan of Ms. Aniston. I just respect her as an independent woman who proved to the entire world that women can be happy by being themselves. All woman should respect each other, & some boundaries should be respected. A man does not define any woman and you know that Ms. Fat Ass (if you are really an Asian woman as you claim - but I honestly don"t think you are an Asian woman.) Dear Sophie: First of all - what do you have against fat people? You should be ashamed of yourself. Next up - I"m sorry, I think I just misread you. Did you just say that Jennifer Aniston is an independent woman? Sorry to burst your bubble but the girl can"t make a move without calling her friends and asking for permission to cry. But all that must be lost on you. Because you are a strong woman who is not defined by any man - rah rah rah, now throw your bra in the air! Excuse me while I puke. And finally - oh no you dihint, honey. Did you just question my inner Asian? Granted, there may have been a time when I was 16 and I wanted to be black and ok, maybe when I was 18 I might have thought about being white because I wanted to get green contact lenses and make them look real. But my mother"s blood is running through my body and that woman would never let a child of hers grow up to be anything less than Chinese. So get ready Sophie from Malaysia. You want Asian? Oh I"ll bring the Asian, honey. And I"ll also wipe your ass all over the Asian continent while I"m at it.

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