The Irresistible Drew Barrymore at the Much Love Animal Rescue at the weekend. Not sure if that"s Flossy, her pup that famously saved her from fire during the Tom Green days, but he/she"s a cutie, non? Many of you have been writing lately to express love for Drew. I totally agree. I do not agree however at some of your assertions that she should end up with Hugh Grant. Sorry...don"t mean to scrap but Drew and Hugh? First of all, it sounds wrong. Two names have to go well together, you know what I mean? It"s a key ingredient to lasting love: Brad and Angie, Tim and Faith, Tom and Travolta, Ryan and Rachel...NOT Drew and Hugh. Drew and Hugh sounds like a children"s show. Drew and Hugh is not hot. Hugh is better off grumpy and single and goosing Liz Hurley when her soon-to-be husband is away. Drew on the other hand...I"m telling you... Drew and Joaquin. Drew and Joaquin. Drew Barrymore Phoenix - has a nice ring, don"t you think? And because I never pass up an excuse to show off my Marcus - here he is with his new fish. I got it at Target. LOVE Targe. Source