I hear from at least 10 of you on a daily basis lobbying for Eric Bana"s entry on the Freebie 5. Granted, I have not seen Munich. But I HAVE seen Troy. And he certainly is a molten hunk of loin quivering hotness…WHEN HE"s in CHARACTER. From a purely physical perspective, I"m not feeling the head to mouth ratio. Take a look. Look at the size and the shape of his head in relation to those lips. It"s weird, non? The more I study it, the more he looks like that Kool Aid jug that comes crashing out of the wall. It"s not exactly nightmare-inducing but I don"t know if I"d cheat on my husband for a sip of it, you know what I mean? Oh, and if you"re looking for gossip on this guy - there is none. Squeaky clean and devoted to his family. Almost suspiciously so.