Just couldn’t help myself on Wednesday – had to PVR the American Idol Gives Back telethon. Was at times cringing at the irresistible cheese (Celine & Elvis) and at others moved to tears – heaving, sobbing, wailing, particularly when the unflappable Simon Cowell lost his sh-t. And of course for Annie Lennox…had to tune in for Annie Lennox.

But a pleasant surprise too, as my Gwyneth appeared in the Staying Alive lip synch video, along with many many many other celebrities. Could have done without Teri Hatcher and David Schwimmer (seriously, dude is such a loser, can never understand why people pined for Rachel and Ross…why???) but for the most part, because it was for a very great cause (many great causes), the clip was super cute. Especially Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, Hugh Laurie and Hugh Grant, and of course my Gwynnie.

My Gwynnie dancing up a storm and showing off an extremely lean yogified body - silly and loose and managing for a change NOT to look snotty. Can you believe it?

Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe if you can’t stand her privileged ass and have hated her forever, somehow in the twist of her hips, in your eyes, she somehow found a way to condescend? And if indeed that’s what you’ve observed, could you please point it out? Because I would LOVE to learn how to groove and put people down at the same time.

Click here for the video…enjoy!