The Break Up Contest Winners

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 17, 2006 12:00:00 October 17, 2006 12:00:00
Good to know there"s a healthy dose of skepticism out there mixed in with the hardcore Aniston devotion. Thanks for your enthusiasm about the giveaway - next month it"s You, Me and Dupree! Four winners below with their unedited commentary and why they were selected: Reuvie - because I sympathise Of course they are still together, and togther they shall stay until the special edition, uncut, version of The Break Up comes out on DVD (expected release October 24th, 2006). Now give me one of those DVD"s so I can, in turn, give it to my wife who, unfortunately, falls out on Team Aniston. There is no accounting for taste with that woman. Kris in Toronto, Ontario - because she loves Jen like I love Gwyneth I know you"re not a fan of my JenAn, but I love everything about her. She"s plain and fabulous and has the kind of hair a girl can only dream about. It"s hard to know if Jen and Vince are still together because any gossip that does circulate their relationship is always vitoed by JenAn. I like to think they are still together because they are both my number ones. Vince is the God of comedy. Jen is the Goddess that rules my life. Much like your love for Gwenyth, my love for Jen lives through all her overdone black dresses, her countless "don"t pity me" interviews and her constant rejection of tabloid smut. Jen and Vince are perfect for each other... she"s hot and he"s The Vince. My take on the JenAn - Vince Vaughn relationship - they"re still together (even though they"ve never actually announced they were ever together...). She said it on Oprah - which is being aired on Monday, I think... and what"s on Oprah is the truth. We all know if Jen had been dumped, she would have thrown herself a pity party while on Oprah... I love the girl, but she loves to play the "I"m hurt, but don"t pity me" card. Is it a coincedence that tales of their break up made headlines in the wake of The Break Up"s DVD launch, probably not, but gossip sells almost as much as sex sells and you can"t blame a girl for working what she knows will catch people"s attention. If for nothing else, Jen and Vince should stay together for me. Brynna in Pasadena, California - because she"s a sarcastic bitch like me I can’t believe you think Vaughniston break-up/shake-up is a publicity stunt! I mean it is sheer coincidence the Break Up just so happens to be coming out on DVD this week. Granted, I guess it is a bit more than just SHEER coincidence. But, has to be that. The girl next door wouldn’t do such a thing. (gasp!) On the other hand, it is a little odd that Min-dynasty would be 100% wrong about something so major (well, major might be a stretch). But, it’s not like US reported other big celeb news like the Simpson’s break-up first. Oh, wait.... Well, it’s not like they were dead on with Brangelina & Cruazy coverage. What? Oh, they were? Hmm, I mean it’s not like Aniston is blabbing to media queens (and anyone else within ear shot) about her personal life? Damn, no I guess I’m wrong about that, too. Well, I just don’t think she would use such pathetic attempts to boost the sales of her last ditch attempt at a better film career. Maybe it’s all the pot talking? Fe in Hagatna, Guam - for her endearing and earnest attitude towards gossip I strongly believe the Vince and Jennifer are still together although they are experiencing rough patches. Believe they are at the stage where their true selves are starting to unravel and each of them is learning how to adjust to each other"s individual unique traits and demeanor. But true love prevails in the end. They will learn how to compromise and everything will fall in place. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so their being in two distant locations at this time will make them all the more realize how each one means to the other. They should remain together as they are one of the few decent couples that I know in Hollywood. Lainey PS. Did I mention The Break Up comes out on DVD... TODAY??? I love helping Jen sell herself!

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