Hugh Grant was photographed yesterday in London walking down the street, his Ferrari keys and iPad in his hand. Here's my thing about really expensive cars and the men who buy them brand new: it's like the emblem of middle aged-ness. Most of the time. Because unless your parents were born to it, or you're an internet billionaire, in theory it would take a few years to accumulate enough wealth to be able purchase a brand new custom Ferrari. Is that redundant? Are all Ferraris custom? Really doubt that Hugh bought a 2nd hand Ferrari.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes. Ferraris. Middle age. Hugh Grant is. Daniel Cleaver. The new Bridget Jones movie. Do we have to?

Bridget is one of those movies I can almost recite frame by frame. Do you remember how Daniel Cleaver is introduced to us? Bridget's voiceover. About her - hilarious - New Year resolutions. She will not obsess (paraphrasing) over handsome cads at work office party. Daniel exits the elevator. Sooooo f-cking handsome and slightly crinkly-eyed with his uber-cock smile and open neck shirt, sauntering in slow motion around the corner to find a tone deaf Bridget on the karaoke mic. It's the best. It's how I "see" Hugh Grant in my mind. Will that be the same Hugh Grant who shows up in Bridget Jones 3? Or will it be this one, here in his middle aged pants? This is the same question I raised in the original article last week in relation to Colin Firth's, um, jowly-ness. It seems these days that no one will ever let us preserve anything.

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