Here’s how The Telegraph described Hugh Grant’s birth announcement the other day:

Hugh Grant was so angered by the tabloids’ alleged intrusion into his private life that he became a campaigner for state regulation of the press. On Saturday, however, the foppish actor used a social-networking website to disclose that Tinglan Hong, the mother of his daughter, Tabitha, had given birth to their second child.

“Am thrilled my daughter now has a brother,” he announced to his 77,000 followers on Twitter. “Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum. And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy.”

Cheeky. And The Telegraph isn’t exactly News Of The World or the Daily Mail.

Hugh’s son, called Felix Chang, enjoyed a much more enthusiastic attitude from his father compared to what it was like when his sister was born. Remember? It was November 2011. And Hugh’s publicist released a statement confirming Tabitha’s birth, clarifying that she was the result of a “fleeting affair”.


Thank you for being so specific, Hugh. Also, his baby mother wasn’t given the courtesy of a name. Instead, she was referred to as “the mother”.


In light of recent events, can we suppose that it wasn’t so “fleeting”? He calls Tinglan Hong a “fab mum” now. How very traditional, old school, phallocentric Chinese. She delivered a boy.

As The Telegraph notes, Grant’s announcement is “conveniently timed”. Here he is at the London premiere of Cloud Atlas tonight.