Hugh Grant was named Hollywood Supporting Actor at the Hollywood Film Awards last night for his work in Florence Foster Jenkins. As mentioned earlier, it’s a wide open category of Oscar. And Hugh’s the kind of guy who would hate the idea of having to campaign for an Oscar, love the idea of actually winning an Oscar, and hate himself for loving the idea of winning an Oscar. What he would hate most is campaigning for an Oscar only to see someone else win it. It sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple: to be Hugh Grant is to pretty much find ways to be pissed off all the time, mostly at yourself. I understand this because that’s my worldview too.

Hugh did not attend the event alone. He was with one of his baby mothers, Anna Elisabet Eberstein. He and Anna have two children together. One of those children was born at close range to when one of his other children, by his other baby mother Tinglan Hong, was born. Is this a man’s equivalent of a pregnant woman not knowing who the father is? Has Hugh Grant been judged as harshly?

I was surprised to see Anna by his side last night. Hugh’s been rather candid about his personal approach to relationships, particularly monogamy. That is to say, he finds it difficult. And maybe pointless. And he admires those who find ways to be together emotionally with the freedom to connect with other people physically. Either he’s changed his mind then or he and Anna share that perspective. If so, excellent for them. And I mean that. Because it would never work for me. I’m not evolved enough, too jealous and grudgy.