Hugh Grant made an appearance today at the London premiere of The Golden Compass looking cuter than he has in a long, long time. And actually seeming to be in good spirits.

Flopsy must be getting laid. Dude is probably hitting up a few sorority houses. Well done.

Hugh of course is a crusty pig but he has always looked dashing in a suit. Especially in Bridget Jones 1. When the elevators doors open at the beginning of the movie and he gives that caddish little grin, I always giggle just a little.

And when he and Bridge for out for dinner for the first time, after her disastrous introduction at the book launch –when she says “one of the top 30 books of all time” goes down for me as one of the most hilarious scenes in movie history – I always kill myself when Bridget leans over all smart and sh*t and says, So what about this situation in Chechnya. To which Cleaver replies:

I couldn’t give a f&ck Jones. Now, look, how do you know Arsy Darcy?

I think I would sleep with Hugh Grant just knowing he"d crack me up all night.

Photos from Wenn