Hugh Grant has a new film in theatres this holiday season. Did You Hear About the Morgans will be released on December 18th. While his co-star is working on Sex & City 2, Hugh so far has been shouldering the press on his own. So he was in Germany today appearing on Wetten Dass which, if you’re not familiar, is random, hilarious sh-t with a huge dose of Eurocheese. Surly, melancholic, baked beans throwing Hugh appeared to feel very much at home there. Oh yes the ladies. Of course he was comfortable.

Go ahead and Photo Assumption the sh-t out of these pictures.

As for The Morgans…well…it’s the typical Hugh Grant romantic comedy formula: he’s bumbling, fumbling, charming, and funny. But the commercial came on tv yesterday and even Jacek, who isn’t normally catty like this, had to cringe and turn away from SJP’s ugly. They did NOT do a good job lighting her on this film. Damn.

She is by no means, empirically, a world class beauty but with the clothing and the makup and some clever adjustments here and there, hers is a unique aesthetic, attractive in its own way.

But not here. Like sh-t. She looks like hell sh-t.

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