Hugh Grant was in Austria yesterday at the opening of Gut Aiderbichl Christmas Market holding on to a goat. Is that a goat? I think he’s also promoting a movie. European press tours are so weird.

Did you know he’s doing a movie with Meryl Streep next year? It’s the Florence Foster Jenkins biopic to be directed by Stephen Frears. She was a socialite who wanted to be an opera singer even though no one thought she could sing. Hugh will play her husband and manager who was her truth shield – she thought she was awesome and he tried to protect her from finding out that she, in fact, sucked. Is it mean to hope that this a comedy? Imagine Meryl’s sh-tty warbling and the fumbling, bumbling Hugh Grant her biggest cheerleader. That’s funny to me already even though that poor woman was obviously profoundly deluded. And yet she remained undeterred. When people laughed at her she accused them of jealousy. And she sold out a performance at Carnegie Hall because people were just so curious. OK, maybe that sounds a little sad. I’m sure Meryl will somehow find a way to make it deep as f-ck and emotionally devasating…if Hugh can keep up.