When: April 2007
Where: Outside his flat in London
Who: Hugh Grant
What: He attacks a photographer
How: With beans!!!

A tupperware full of beans!!!

Funniest.Sh*t.Ever. And many, many of you agree…thank you for your submissions! I love them, I read them all, please continue!

What made the incident even more hilarious – aside from the photos which are works of art in and of themselves – is what he allegedly shouted at the pap while launching his bean arsenal:

“Do you know who I am? I’m a millionaire! Leave me alone!”
And then he told the man that he hoped his girlfriend and children die of “f&cking cancer”.

The “Do you know who I am” line (or variations of it) has to be my favourite. As I wrote at the time:

Seriously gossips, is there ever…EVER…any justification for asking someone: “Do you know who I am?”

PS. Hugh was not charged and has denied uttering the quote above. Does your smutty sense believe him?