Hugh Grant keeps spawning

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 29, 2014 16:38:41 January 29, 2014 16:38:41

Apparently Hugh Grant has another child. We already know about two of them. The first, a daughter called Tabitha, was the result of a “fleeting affair” with Tinglan Hong. Those aren’t my words. Those are HIS words. From his publicist upon confirmation of the birth. You remember that classy move?

Hugh and Hong followed up with another child, this time a son, Felix, and welcomed more enthusiastically. It turns though out that when Hong was pregnant with Felix, another woman, Anna Elisabet Ebertstein, was also pregnant with his baby. She gave birth just three months before Felix arrived. Initially, Hugh’s name wasn’t on the child’s birth certificate. That was recently changed last month. Was there a paternity test first?

So, here’s what we’ve learned:

Hugh Grant’s spunk is potent.

Hugh Grant evidently likes going bareback to land his potent spunk.

I mean if you’re spraying your sperm all over the place, you better be prepared to pay. And it would appear that he is financially supporting his heirs and “fleeting affairs”. Yay Hugh Grant?

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