There were a lot of studs on Good Morning America today. From the X-Men franchise: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, and can we call Ellen Page a stud for being a straight-up badass? As you can see, Hugh and James have great chemistry. At one point James was massaging Hugh’s head. And maybe seeing what he’d look like if he had his eyes lifted. Very cute. Obviously a solid relationship there. But then again, they’re among the most likeable actors in the business. Why wouldn’t it be?

At one point Jon Hamm came over to chat. Well there’s a high concentration of handsome, non?

I don’t know what Jon Hamm has been doing but I feel like his handsome has been cranked up super high the last week or so as he’s been promoting Million Dollar Arm. Here he is at the LA premiere the other night all sharp and clean-shaven and well-tailored.

According to Disney Chairman Alan Horn, who used to be at Warner Bros, Million Dollar Arm is the highest testing film he’s ever had. That includes the Harry Potter series. Million Dollar Arm came strong out of CinemaCon so…maybe… Jon Hamm’s finally making his move as a movie star? It opens next weekend, followed by X-Men the week after, and then Maleficent the week after that.