Hugh Jackman - Back on Broadway will be at the Broadhurst Theatre next week for previews on October 25 and opens on November 10 for a 10 week run. He started rehearsing at the venue just this week. Check him out at the photo call and media engagement the other day. Hugh looks a little nervous to me which I think is adorable.

Who are the ladies?

When I saw his show in Toronto there was an 18 piece orchestra - it’ll be the same on Broadway - and he had two back-up singers with him, Angel and Merle, I think their names were. Those names are not listed here by the photo agency so I’m not sure if that just means two from these six will be rotating over the course of 10 weeks or if he’s modified the show to include 6 dancer/singers and, unfortunately, I can’t see for myself because my travel plans don’t include New York in the next two months but if you can possibly make it happen, I would strong, strongly, STRONGLY suggest you try.

There’s just no other performer like him. Also, is this the hottest looking poster or what?

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