He hosted the Oscars, he promoted the sh-t out of Wolverine, and earned a box office win, then he went to Broadway and pleased them onstage too, and through it all, always a smile, always gracious, always patient, even when surrounded by paps and fans, even at the airport when his children were with him, Hugh Jackman never loses his cool, he is never ungrateful, and he never, EVER complains.

Hugh is the prototype of a movie star. And still totally authentic, easily outclassing so many of his contemporaries. Love him so much.

This is Hugh last night with his mother-in-law at the opening of A Little Night Music (Angela Landsbury and Catherine Zeta Jones).

To celebrate the year in Hugh, click here to revisit his wonderful Oscar number and one of my favourite clips, Hugh giving Barbara Walters a lapdance. Guaranteed for a giggle. Go.

Photos from Wenn.com