Because it feels like it’s a dying breed.

First, everyone’s favourite Michael J Fox who has just released a new book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist and will guest star on Rescue Me with his friend Denis Leary. Who doesn’t love Michael J Fox? Even I with my cold smutty dirty hell-pointed heart, even I love Michael J Fox. People who don’t love Michael J Fox probably also eat babies for breakfast.

He happily signed autographs for fans today outside a television studio. Michael J Fox made the time.

And then last night it was Dustin Hoffman leaving Madeo after having dinner with his wife, all smiles, witty and charming as usual. Dustin is a star. The best interview ever.

Finally, Hugh Jackman leaving LA this morning, hugging his driver, exchanging fist bumps, before flying away again, never stop go go go but always with a smile.

Photos from and Whittle/Howard Raishbrook/