A request today from a reader called Marina who’s having a super sucky week and is in need of some Hugh Jackman.

Here you go...sending you a hug. And some Hugh.

Hugh just back from Mexico for the rescheduled Wolverine premiere, back to be with his son, out and about in NYC.

And some loin explosion was delivered courtesy the New York Post just this morning:

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig to star on Broadway together in a production called A Steady Rain.

Live action, hotness + hotness, TWO MEN going head to head...

Oh la.

Can you stand it?

Also – I missed these pictures when I was in Cannes...

Daniel Craig in London leaving Nobu on May 14th with his very grown up daughter. Her name is Ella. And according to the paps present that night, he was overheard saying to her “I love you honey bunny”.

Honey bunny.

All I think of re: honey bunny is Pulp Fiction.

Ah, so by that rationale, if a pig had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?

Well we'd have to be talkin' about one charming motherf-ckin' pig. I mean he'd have to be ten times more charmin' than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I'm sayin'?

Photos from INFphoto.com and Wenn.com