Hugh & James are coming

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 31, 2014 14:56:58 March 31, 2014 14:56:58

Wasn’t super excited about X-Men: Days Of Future Past until this morning. Because look at these great shots of Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy promoting the film in London today. They’re both in leather jackets. Great. They’re both hot, obviously. Great. But they’re also our favourites – two of the nicest, kindest actors in the business, always gracious, always generous, always fun. When you combine the two…

No complaints here. In fact, it certainly helps. Now I want to see the movie more than I wanted to when I woke up his morning. And that’s the job the stars are supposed to do.

Anyway, I’ll stop talking now so you can enjoy these without my c-nting.


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