Hugh Jackman has been on holiday with his wife, kids, and dog in St Tropez. F-ck if I could only take my dogs on holiday. We are the assholes who miss our dogs all the time when we’re away. It’s not only how badly we feel about having to rely on friends to look after them - they are very well looked after with many activities to occupy their day including ball chases, trip to the well, and hikes - it’s also the fact we always return to two little resentful bastards that hold it against you for several days afterwards.

Anyway, rich people don’t have these problems is what I’m saying. Rich dogs go on holiday to St Tropez.

So here’s Hugh, in the water with his daughter, throwing her around as she squeals with delight, like the most fun dad ever. Especially with the role play. Check him out, engaged in some kind of makeshift swordfight with sticks, or something. I mean, play is play when you’re that age, but imagine playing war and princess with Wolverine? Oh this is a good life.

I love these pictures so much. Because I love Hugh so much. And I love that Hugh is genuinely engaged dad. And I wonder, would I want to be Ava Jackman? Or would I want to be Zahara Jolie-Pitt. Still Jolie-Pitt, right? Because of all the other drama that comes with?

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