He flew to New York yesterday to make the morning show rounds today – one last push before Wolverine opens tomorrow… or tonight, if you’re inclined to hit the midnight screenings.

Many of you are enjoying these daily Hugh sightings. I am too. Will be sad when he scales it back after promotion.

As you can see, per usual, Hugh is in great spirits. Always. He’s never too tired to be nice. You’d be surprised at how many of them are too tired to be nice. Never mind celebrities, even civilians are often too tired to be nice. I had to bite it the other day at the airport when one of the employees decided she wanted to be a bitch and snap at me for asking for an aisle seat. Did not engage. Swallowed, bent over, let her have her way with me. Because you never, ever talk back to airline staff. 30 seconds of gratification is so not worth losing your luggage.

Photos from Doug Meszler/Splashnewsonline.com