My favourite, favourite story of the day.

So Hugh Jackman and the rest of the Wolverine hotnesses are in Vancouver shooting final scenes. Hugh happens to be working out at the same fitness centre as Kevin Federline Junior who is tagging along with his wife and paycheque Tori Spelling while she films Smallville.

Big love to the girl who actually walked up to Junior at the gym and CALLED HIM JUNIOR!

But that’s not what hurt him the most.

What hurt the most is that Hugh Jackman doesn’t know Junior.

Apparently Junior was trying desperately to make eye contact, situating himself in Hugh’s eyeline, always using the same machines. But Hugh, who is RIPPED, was 1. too focused on his training to pay attention and 2. who the hell is Junior anyway?


So you abandoned your wife, your son, and a newborn adopted baby for a mutt face and a bigger bank account…and Hugh Jackman is supposed to recognise you?

Sit DOWN Junior Federline.

Bet you he’ll find out about this and will orchestrate a photo opp with Hugh by the end of the week. I know you’re reading Junior! And Hugh’s too nice to say no. It’ll be a pity picture. Can’t wait to see it!

So heads up Vancouver. When you run into Junior walking down the street, don’t be shy. Approach him and say Hi. Say Hi to Kevin Federline Junior. That’s his name. Make sure he knows it.

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