Happy New Year, Hugh Jackman

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ItΓÇÖs the final week of Hugh JackmanΓÇÖs hugely successful run on Broadway. Did you go? Only 4 performances left, not including today. And, as anyone who has seen it will tell you, soooooo worth it, which is why heΓÇÖs been breaking house records and charming crowds and critics.

HereΓÇÖs Hugh with his family on Christmas Day in New York before that eveningΓÇÖs show. Thing is, I could write something Photo Assumptiony and be all like, oh look how happy Hugh is because heΓÇÖs doing so great on Broadway, but the problem with that is ... well... whatΓÇÖs the difference in Hugh between when heΓÇÖs successful and when heΓÇÖs not successful? HeΓÇÖs always like this all of the time.

Someone wrote to me recently in response to my ongoing criticism of crabby Daniel Craig (whatΓÇÖs up alliteration?) that I should go easier on him because ΓÇ£they all canΓÇÖt be Hugh JackmanΓÇ¥ to which my immediate reaction was: why not? Reminds me of a line in A Walk To Remember (the movie version, and yes I am quoting from a Nicholas Sparks movie, what the f-ck is happening?) when Mandy Moore (hilariously) observes, ΓÇ£Without suffering there would be no compassionΓÇ¥. Dicks like Daniel Craig make you appreciate even more the nice ones like Hugh Jackman. Like thatΓÇÖs what itΓÇÖs come to now: complimenting someone for the most basic of human courtesies.

Hugh ends his run on Broadway on January 1. And then itΓÇÖs Wolverine and Jean Valjean. There it is again: the most versatile actor in the business.

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