I mentioned that Daniel Craig interview with Entertainment Weekly when he was promoting Cowboys & Aliens, right? He was being a bitch. He was being a bitch about the heavy press tour because, as he put it:

“I can’t do the tits-and-teeth stuff. I’m not hardwired to do that. I can’t sell.”

I’m sorry...

But Daniel Craig, like, he’s an Actor, right?

When he films a love scene with 100 people are in the room, he pretends they’re not there and makes love in make believe to his co-star and convinces us onscreen, right? Or, wait a minute, is Daniel Craig really a spy for the British secret service?


And you know why?

Because Hugh Jackman manages to do it, and so well, and so happily, and so gratefully, withOUT getting dirty. How’s that? He just happens to be real and nice and kind and appreciative.

Hugh has been everywhere lately for Real Steel which, come on, looks like it’s a ridiculous eye-roll. No matter. A job is a job is a movie is a movie is a lifestyle is a lifestyle is a SMALL PRICE TO PAY for being able to do what he does. He gets it. It’s the others who don’t.

When Hugh came to Toronto last week there were no schedule delays, there was no pouting, there was no huddling with the publicist about what he would and wouldn’t do. It was only one face - his smiling face, his open face, his willing face. He went to the Marilyn Denis Show, they asked him to do push-ups, he did push-ups, in his suit, no complaint, no resistance, NO PROBLEM.

He went around the building, sat down for interview after interview, game after game, silliness after silliness, not once did he exhale with exasperation, not once did he look at his watch, not once did he appear bored or impatient or grumpy or hungry or tired or sick or scared or confused or angry or... any bad emotion you can think of - NOT ONCE.

And he’s been doing this, around the world, from Europe to North America to the WWE, back to Australia, FOR WEEKS.

I wonder if the rest of them then, I wonder if they hate Hugh Jackman. Because there they are, whinging about this hard, hard life. And some people, blinded by fan loyalty, are dumb enough to feel compassion and then Hugh Jackman comes along and pretty much sh-ts on their entire argument. Next to Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig is a weak-ass. What makes him weak? It’s not that he’s not “hard-wired” for it, it’s that he never TRIED.

Attached - Hugh in Sydney today at the premiere of Real Steel.