I saw Hugh Jackman in Toronto this summer singing and dancing in his one man show. He twirled. He jigged. He played flamboyant and loved every minute. Then he went to Comic-Con and flexed his muscles for Real Steel. He continues to flex for Real Steel around the world - these photos attached are from the Real Steel London premiere last Friday. And last night he was in Cleveland, promoting Real Steel on WWE Raw, also looking very comfortable and very enthusiastic.

Many of his peers would skulk around in shame having to pimp their sh-t to a wrestling crowd on a Monday night. Not Hugh.

This is Hugh’s attitude: everyone is entitled to the best of me. So I always give the best of me.

It’s easy to say it, but how many people actually DO it? How many people actually SHOW UP every day? It’s a sports cliché that very few athletes actually live up to. Hugh Jackman truly lives up to it. And he does it with such joy and appreciation, there’s no embarrassment here, there’s never any fontrum. He could be dressed up in a bunny suit passing out Real Steel flyers at the mall, I wouldn’t fontrum for him, not when he’s so engaged and grateful to have fans, to have support, to have a job that pays the way it pays and in return that people love him.

You think goddamn Justin Timberlake feels this way about his fame? About what he’s ENTITLED to vs what he has to offer?

Real Steel opens October 7.

Photos from Wenn.com