They said they would shake things up. Well, they shook up some parts, but it still ended up being too long. And, more importantly, FEELING too long. The entire middle section was Benjamin Button. So there is no way Danny Glover stayed awake. None. 

Hugh Jackman? If I’m honest, there were moments I was a little embarrassed for him. And it was so much hype. Too much hype. Inevitably you can never meet those expectations. But the thing about Hugh is his enthusiasm. He truly, truly believed in what he was doing. He threw himself into it without fear and, in my opinion, without vanity. You can’t knock the man for that. So I won’t. Besides, it’s not like we’re lacking for people to slag. 

Yes, Anne Hathaway. YOU.

More on her later. 

On a positive note, very much enjoyed the presentation format for the acting category even though they stretched the telecast. Especially the ladies. Previous winners welcoming to the community a new sister. All over it. The boys club with DeNiro and Douglas and Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley and that cheesedick Adrien Brody was cool too. Sean Penn belongs in that group. And while you may have been pulling for Mickey, standing up there, all 6 of them, knowing how the Academy works, was there any doubt that it was Sean’s all along? e


Ben Stiller. 

One day Ben Stiller should host the Oscars. One day he will. And hoax or no hoax, Joaquin Phoenix has become a f-cking joke. Joaquin Phoenix is the new Couch Jump. Joaquin Phoenix is Tom Cruise. 


Anyway, the dress porn good and bad and highlights and lowlights coming up. There was more to hate than there was to love this year. It’s better that way, non? 

As always, please do, you must, send me your thoughts! 

Ben Stiller with Natalie Portman at the Oscars


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