Hugh Jackman was on Conan this week. He entered the studio by imitating Conan. Perfectly. The one-two hip check? Amazing. Needless to say he was brilliant, and funny, and charming, and wore his suit beautifully, and continues to prove that he really is the nicest man in the business even when he’s supposed to nice, because everyone is nice on talk shows, you can tell he’s genuinely nice. And, as he says to Conan, this is a choice. The ones who are dickheads are actively making a choice to be that way. Which is not his way. Oh and he also delivers a pretty good imitation of George Clooney and fondles Conan’s breast. In other words, this is 8 minutes you will very much enjoy.

As for that George Clooney interpretation, I have to say, Dylan does it better, only because Hugh respectfully doesn’t include the smarm, and the next time I’m with Dylan, I will put this on video. Clooney and Brad Pitt work the same play...with slight variations. George takes a rather presidential approach. Brad’s is more ... Vegas high roller. Dylan has it mastered, even down to the feet. Brad does this thing with the feet - it’s fascinating.

Also attached - Hugh with his family yesterday in New York. If you are there, I’m telling you, sell whatever you can to get to his show. There is no other entertainer who can do what he’s doing. Promise.