Hugh has a pants problem

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I don’t think I’ve ever known Hugh Jackman to have a pants problem. This might be the first time I’ve seen him with a pants problem. It’s not the most egregious pants problem ever. It’s not as bad as a Jonas or anything. But still… Hugh is so much better than this, so much better than these pants, I have to say I am slightly alarmed.

Here he is in New York, with his wife, walking around in some really assy jeans. The wash is weird, but that could be the light. Also, something’s up with how they’re hemmed. Super tacky, non? And why are they flaring like that at the bottom? I didn’t know they even sold jeans like this anymore.

Hugh just wrapped his first series of shows in San Francisco. Well that’s an interesting choice of location to kick off a one man extravaganza, non? Hugh Jackman In Concert received some really, really amazing reviews, despite the fact that he split the ass in his pants on opening night. So, he just took them off, and asked someone to bring him a new pair. Consummate professional.

So…what is Hugh Jackman in Concert? Well he sings songs from Oklahoma, his Tony award-winning The Boy From Oz, Staying Alive, Over the Rainbow, and more… including the theme song from Arthur which, I know I’ve written about it before, but I was being raised by a single dad when that song came out, and it always reminds me of looking out the window and waiting for him to come home at night after his second job and wondering how many people in New York were waiting for their dads after a divorce. This is what I miss about meeting songs on the radio. You can’t control it. These days, the first time you hear a song is largely at a moment of your choosing. Back then, the first time you heard a song, and the subsequent times after, it happened spontaneously. The good ones, the ones you remembered, always seemed to come on exactly when your life needed it. Or maybe, subconsciously, you tailored your life to the song as it played. Whatever. My point –and tangent – is that music had more significant attachments when it was introduced that way, non?

So back to Hugh…

He’s singing, he’s dancing, it’s a one man creative explosion, he’s chatty, he banters, there’s a soliloquy now and again from a play or a movie, and the San Francisco Chronicle loved it so much, they proclaimed that: “It’s not that they don’t make ‘em like Hugh Jackman anymore. They never did.” (Source)

Hugh is coming to Toronto. July 5 – 17.

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