A new trailer for Logan has arrived, and while it’s not a perfect little film like the first one, it does confirm what the first trailer only hinted at—the little girl, Laura, is in fact X-23, the Logan clone who is currently serving as the comic book version of Wolverine. So this is how the mantle passes—Hugh Jackman handing the claws to a girl, a literal girl, the next Wolverine is a child. There is no consistency in the X-movies, so there is no guarantee that Fox sticks with this beyond this one movie, but I like it in the moment. Wolverine’s story began with helping a runaway (Rogue), and now it ends with him helping a runaway. Structured right, that’s the kind of full-circle arc that sends a character out on a high note.

This trailer shows more action, including Laura’s two-clawed hands, and plenty of Old Man Logan rampaging through bad guys. But there’s also exhausted Professor X, who must be 237 by now, and Boyd Holbrook as the main bad guy, Donald Pierce. I really like the look of this, and how much character interaction they’re showing off, but I don’t quite trust an X-movie to stick the landing. I hope Logan does, because these trailers have been great and they’re raising my expectations. And I also want Jackman to finally get the Wolverine movie he’s always wanted, because he’s put so much into this over the years, and the X-Men franchise has never really served him well. Here’s hoping that Logan, at least, delivers.

Attached - Hugh Jackman at the Montblanc Gala Dinner in Geneva earlier this week.