Hugh Jackman is on holiday with his family in Barcelona. Hello? Are you still reading? Hugh has completed most of his work on Les Miserables. He has some down time now before production on The Wolverine is to begin in Australia in August. And then I expect there will be some heavy promotion ahead for Jean Valjean.

On Saturday though, Hugh will be in New York hosting the city’s first Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival. It’s free and open to the public. Said Hugh of the event:

"Forget it, (if) you've got a mobile phone you can make a film, you can enter. It's a great way for me to support the arts and anybody who wants to can get involved. The movies are not judged on technical merit because that's one way to make film very elitist. It's not so much about that or the quality of the lens but more the strength of the idea and the concept. Previously it's people who may have been excluded or may not have the money but they have the talent and here they can show it. When I first graduated from drama school I knew the statistics that 98 percent of actors were unemployed. I vowed to myself that every day I would do something for my career. I wasn't going to sit back. I was going to actively get out there and participate. Here is a way that anyone can contribute. There's no whining, 'But I'm a filmmaker it's so difficult, I can't get an agent.'"

Yes, he really is that awesome ALL the time.

Click here for more on Tropfest.


That’s my excuse, again, to repost the trailer for Les Miserables. It does not get old for me. I am still goose pimply every single time.