Australia opens this week and the reviews are ranging from “not bad” to “good” which means it isn’t the worst, but it also isn’t the best.

Hugh Jackman however is receiving most of the accolades. Praised unanimously for his performance and energy and the anchor of the story.

As for Granny Freeze… well…not so popular. Some are saying she does a decent job, and still others have written that Baz Luhrmann made a huge mistake casting her. Click here for more.

I don’t necessarily agree with the assessment that Nicole Kidman can’t act. I actually think she can act. But the fact of the matter is her face has become too distracting, permanently immobilising her ability to immerse herself into a character the way she could before.

I’m told Baz worked painstakingly hard, parceling out parts of the film around the world for rushed edits in order to make her face move, even just a little.

Juxtaposed against Hugh Jackman’s virility, a real man, flesh and blood pulsing onscreen, Gran’s frozen tundra becomes even more ridiculous.

Here they are at a screening for the film this weekend. Hugh relaxed and charming as usual while Gran tried to rock a pair of bad ass boots.

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